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Arsenal FC Kit
Their crest shows the picture of a cannon. The cannon was first used in 1970. Arsenal won their first double a year later and they then became known as the 'Gunners'. The home kit includes a bright red shirt with white sleeves matched with white shorts.
Aston Villa FC Kit
In 2007 there was a redesign of the crest for Aston Villa Football Club, with the traditional lion of the club on top of a sky blue background with the motto "prepared" and a small white star to signify the team's 1982 victory in the European Cup.
Birmingham FC Kit
Their current home colours are a royal blue shirt with a wide white penguin stripe running vertically on the front, white shorts and white socks. The away colors mostly reverse this color scheme with a white shirt, royal blue shorts and white socks.
Blackburn Rovers
The current design of the home kit for Blackburn Rovers Football Club is the split shirt design with the colours white and blue, along with white shorts and white socks. The away club kit is mostly black, except for one arm which is red.
Bolton Wanderers
The most recent designs are nearly all white, with limited dark blue and red highlights to add interest to the design. Away colors for the Bolton Wanderers are black with turquoise shoulders and trim.
Chelsea FC Kit
Chelsea first started out with a lighter blue kit, similar to Manchester City's, however that kit was replaced by a darker one in 1912 and those colours have been retained today.
Everton FC Kit
Dark blue shirt and white shorts that they use today was first seen during 1901-02 and after fans appeared to like the kit it has been kept ever since. Their away kit is white shirt and black shorts
Liverpool Kit
The home kit is an all red strip and their badge is of the liver bird inside a shield; this badge is known by millions of people in the world, football fans or not and thousands of shirts are sold weekly with it.
Man City FC Kit
In the early years, the design of the club kit changed several times before the traditional colour scheme of sky blue and white were settled on. The clubs away shirt is a contrasting dark blue with thin white stripes.
Man Utd FC Kit
Over the years Manchester United have generally kept to red shirts and because of this they became known as the 'Red Devils'. Manchester United shirts are amongst the most popular shirts in the world of football.
Newcastle FC Kit
A pattern of vertical black and white stripes on the shirt with black shorts, became the standard colours and kit design for the club and for the rest of its history. The away colors are mostly sky blue with black trim.
Portsmouth Kit
Most typical colour scheme includes a royal blue shirt with white trim, white shorts and red socks. Their away colours almost reverse the home colour scheme, with a mostly white jersey and royal blue shorts and socks.
Reading FC Kit
Reading Football Club kit has returned to it traditional hoop striped shirt, however, the kit uses two shades of blue - navy blue for the shorts and a lighter shade of royal blue for the stripes on the shirt and for the colour of the socks.
Sunderland FC Kit
The home kit includes a pattern of vertical red and white stripes on the shirt, with black shorts and black socks. The away colors for the club are all-white shorts and socks and a white shirt with red shoulders.
Tottenham FC Kit
Tottenham have a commemorative fourth kit for their 125th anniversary; this features a unique design of a half white, half light blue shirt. While this kit will rarely be used, it is a must have piece of memorabilia.
West Ham FC Kit
The traditional colours associated with West Ham United Football Club are claret and sky blue, with white shorts and white socks. Their away uniform consists of a white jersey with claret shorts and socks.


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