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Aston Villa Football Club has a club kit which has gone through many variations over the course of the more than one hundred and twenty five years since Aston Villa was first founded in 1874. The basic colors of Aston Villa Football Club kit are claret and sky blue. While other teams such as Scunthorpe, Burnley and West Ham have used the same colors for their own uniforms, Aston Villa were the first team to use claret and sky blue. During the earliest years of Aston Villa Football Club (which has also been known as the Villa or the Villans) the players wore solid shirts with colors like white, grey or blue. In 1886, following a three year period of black shirts with a red crest on the front, the team settled on their classic colours. The 1886-1887 season uniform was thin claret and sky blue vertical stripes. In the 1890-1891 season the same colours were used with a split down the middle of the shirt and sleeves had opposing colours to the side of the body that they were on.

The 1891-1892 season club kit was the first to look like the typical Aston Villa Football Club kit, with a claret bodied shirt and sky blue sleeves, white pants and black socks. Changes over the next seventy years would mostly have to do with the shape of the collar, the length of the sleeves, and changes to the colors / stripe patterns of the socks.

During the eighties there were numerous changes to the uniform; the 1983-1984 season and 1984-1985 season club kits had shirts with claret on most of the body, sky blue along the sides, and claret sleeves. From 1985 to 1987 the shirt was solid claret with striped sleeves, and for the rest of the eighties the shirt was split with complicated divisions of thin stripes and solid colors.

The nineties saw a return to sky blue sleeves for the most part, although there were some unusual experiments such as the club kit shirt from 1983 to 1985 which was purple with thin sky blue stripes, and the thick striped shirt of the last season of the millennium. In more recent years, while there have been some changes involving striping along the side trim of the sleeves and the sides of the shirt, the formula and colors have basically stayed true to what has been normal for Aston Villa Football Club kit in the past (the most notable exception being the mostly purple uniform worn in the 2001-2002 season).

Since the eighties, the club kit has had the name of a sponsor displayed prominently on the chest of the shirt; these sponsors over the past twenty five years have included Davenports, Mita / Mita Copiers, AST, LDV, Rover, DWS and 32 Red. While the current club kit for home games adheres to the same basic color scheme that the Aston Villa Football Club has used for the majority of its history, the away colors are a white shirt and white socks with a sky blue pair of shorts. 2007 has also seen a redesign of the crest for Aston Villa Football Club, with the traditional lion of the club on top of a sky blue background with the motto "prepared" and a small white star to signify the team's 1982 victory in the European Cup.


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