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Blackburn Rovers Football Club was founded in 1875. It was a founder of the Football League in 1888 and is now an English Premier League football club. Established in the Lancashire area, Blackburn Rovers was different from other football clubs of the time; while most football clubs being founded in the late nineteenth century were in the southern part of the country and were connected to public schools, Blackburn Rovers was a commercial endeavor suggested by John Lewis and Arthur Constantine, who recognized that labour reforms giving people in the northern industrial towns time off on Saturdays meant that there could be greater interest in football among the working classes of these areas, and that people would pay to see games if teams recruited the best players.

Throughout the history of Blackburn Rovers, the club kit has always been halved - whatever pair of colours is selected for the shirt, the body of the shirt is split in half with a different solid colour on each side and the sleeves carry the opposing colours to their individual sides of the body. The first club kits in 1878 were white and a very dark blue, with white shorts and dark blue socks in addition to the split shirt design. Revisions to the Blackburn Rovers Football Club kit over the remainder of the nineteenth century kept the socks the same dark blue color while they experimented on the shirt with the combination of light teal and white, and the combination of white with a lighter shade of blue. The shorts also were changed from white to dark blue in the 1891-1892 season and the 1904-1905 season, something which would not be done again on Blackburn Rovers Football Club kit until 2004-2005.

Since 1905 the color combination and overall design of Blackburn Rovers Football Club kit has been relatively stable. The major differences from season to season have been in the design of the shirt collar and cut, the striping pattern on the socks, and whether the white / blue is on the left or right side. Since the mid-seventies the look of the club kit for Blackburn has become more crowded, as various crests and logos have appeared on the front of the shirt, and then also on the legs of the shorts and on the socks. Since the 1984 season, a sponsor's name has been displayed on the front of Blackburn Rovers Football Club kit shirt; some of these major sponsors for the football club have been Perspex, McEwans Lager, CTS, AMD Processors, HSA, and bet24. The current design of the home kit for Blackburn Rovers Football Club is the split shirt design with the colours white and blue, along with white shorts and white socks. The away club kit is mostly black, except for one arm which is red.

During the 1990s, the Blackburn Rovers spent time at the top of the football world after being built up following a takeover by Jack Walker. In the 1994 to 1995 season, the club became the Premier League champions. The club ran into trouble in the late nineties, but came back in the first years of the twenty-first century and repeatedly qualified for the UEFA Cup.


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