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As well as being one of the most successful clubs over the history of European football, Liverpool also have a strong claim to be the most passionate. Anyone that has heard 'You'll Never Walk Alone' sung at Anfield will know how much it can almost seem like an extra man is on the pitch for the Reds. Liverpool Football Club was founded on 15 th, Marcy 1892 after John Houlding purchased Anfield to use as a football ground. Anfield had previously been used by Everton, however after Houlding bought it he signed thirteen Scottish football players and named the club Liverpool after the Football Association rejected their request to be named Everton Athletic. Since that day, Liverpool has rose to become the most successful club in England, with twenty three trophies to their name.

Although Liverpool plays in red today, they started off wearing extremely different colours. Liverpool's first kit consisted of a half blue and half white home shirt, with blue shorts and black socks to match. They changed to a red shirt in 1894 however, and have worn it till this day. Although the red shirt was first used in 1894, it took sixty years till legendary manager Bill Shankly decided to send the team out in a fully red strip. Up till that point, the team had mainly used white shorts; and after the all-red strip was used in a European Cup game against Anderlecht, it was appreciated so much that it was continued. Liverpool's badge is of the liver bird inside a shield; this badge is known by millions of people in the world, football fans or not and thousands of shirts are sold weekly with it.

For their away kits, Liverpool has tended to stick with a combination of white shirts and black shorts, or a full yellow strip. The club did use a grey kit between 1987 and 1991, which they replaced with a green shirt for their centenary season. Apart from that, they have had various other colour combinations, mostly during the 1990s; Liverpool fans saw a gold, bright yellow, black and grey during that time, before the club decided to use a pattern of yellow away shirts alternating with white ones every other season. The white away kit is the one they are using this year, although they did implement a black shirt with red trim as their third choice kit (for away games in Europe).

Liverpool has seen three shirt manufacturers and four shirt sponsors over the years. Umbro started producing their kits in 1976, which they continued until 1985 when Adidas took over. Adidas continued to create their kits until 1996, when Reebok took over for ten years. After Adidas bought out Reebok, the club switched back to having the Adidas logo on their shirts in 2006 and still has it today. Liverpool started out being sponsored by electronics company Hitachi between 1979 and 1982, before having the logo of Crown Paints on their shirts till 1988. Italian company Candy sponsored the shirt for four years till 1992 when current sponsors Carlsberg took over. Their deal with Carlsberg has lasted fifteen years, making it the current longest standing agreement in Premiership football.

With Liverpool planning to move to an even larger stadium in a few years, it is only likely that the increased revenue will bring them better players, and thus more shirt sales. The iconic crest of Liverpool is hard to miss, and the stylish design of their kits mean that fans will be content to buy them as long as the Reds wear them.


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