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Portsmouth Football Club was formed in the year of 1989. The local Royal Artillery Football Club had been forced to disband, and Portsmouth Football Club was put together in its wake to protect the quality football that had been enjoyed in Portsmouth. At the very beginning of the club Portsmouth was a founding member of the Southern League, and immediately entered the First Division. Today, in the 2007 season, Portsmouth Football Club is playing in the English Premier League. The original club kit for Portsmouth Football Club was very different from the traditional colours that we know today, with a solid salmon pink jersey (with maroon trim), solid white shorts and solid maroon socks. They kept this club kit until 1909, when the team underwent a two season change to white shirts, navy shorts, and navy socks with two white hoop stripes along the tops.

In 1911 Portsmouth Football Club found what would become its most typical colour scheme - this included a royal blue shirt (with white trim) and white shorts. The socks were also mostly black for a long period starting in 1911 and continuing until 1947. After World War II the socks were changed to solid red, without even any stripes, and this change lasted for two decades until ending in 1967. Between 1967 and 1976 the uniform went through some highly irregular changes - for the first seven years of this period the socks were blue with white tops that had thin blue and red hoop stripes running across them. From the 1973 season to 1976 the socks were white with blue tops that had a red hoop stripe. Also during this period from 1967 to 1972 and between 1973 and 1976 the shorts were primarily royal blue, only being the typical white colour for the 1972-1973 season, and reverting to the standard white immediately after this period of changes. Finally, the seasons between 1973 and 1976 had a white jersey instead of a blue jersey, and this experimental jersey had an asymmetrical double vertical stripe running down the left side of the body of the shirt.

In 1976 the jersey and the shorts of Portsmouth Football Club kit went back to the traditional colours of solid royal blue (with white trim) and solid white, respectively. The socks also changed to red, as they had been following World War II.

While there would be some minor experimentation with the design from season to season over the following decades (such as pinstripes on the shirt in white and / or a darker shade of blue, and various hoop stripe designs on the socks) the basic look of the club kit would remain the same. In 1987 Portsmouth Football Club started to put sponsor names on the front of the jersey, with South Coast Fiat being the first company to be marketed in this manner. Other companies that appeared on Portsmouth Football Club jersey over the years were Goodman's, The News, KJC, Bishop's Printers, TY and OKI. The 2007 uniform for Portsmouth Football Club has gold trim as a secondary colour in addition to white trim on the royal blue home jerseys, and the red socks have the letters PFC on them in white. The 2007 away colours almost reverse the home colour scheme, with a mostly white jersey and royal blue shorts and socks.


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