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Sunderland football club was formed in the year 1879 as the Sunderland and District Teachers AFC by teacher James Allen. The original club kit for Sunderland football club was all blue. The following year, non-teachers were permitted to join and the name of the club was changed to Sunderland AFC. By the late 1880s, as professionalism became legal, Sunderland changed its club kit to something more recognizable as how Sunderland looks today - a pattern of vertical red and white stripes on the shirt, with black shorts and black socks. Early variations of the club's kit also had blue shorts and blue socks.

Throughout the twentieth century, the width and number of stripes on the uniform changed with practically every revision of the club kit. The shorts generally remained black, except for a white period spanning from 1961 to 1973 and a brief red redesign as part of the most unusual kit change between 1981 and 1983 - a somewhat experimental design by Le Coq Sportif which didn't catch on with the fans. Socks changed from mostly black for the first half of the century (with the tops of the socks being red or red and white stripes) to various stripe patterns and variations on the theme of red socks with a white top, during the second half of the century. A few years before the millennium, the club kit for Sunderland changed sock color back to mostly black. Sponsorship logos have also been prominent on the fronts of the shirts since the eighties. Vaux was a long-time sponsor of the Sunderland football club. From 1985 to 1994 the logo on the front of the shirt for the club kit simply read Vaux, while from 1994 to 1996 the sponsorship logo was changed to Vaux Samson. Reg Vardy has also been a prominent sponsor of Sunderland for several years, starting in 1999 and continuing until 2007. For the 2007-2008 season, the sponsor for the Sunderland football club is Boylesports.

The current colors of Sunderland football club kit are red and white vertical stripes on the shirt, with the stripes being relatively thick and three prominent red stripes centered on the front. Both the shorts and the socks for the current Sunderland football team kit are black and feature the logo of the club kit designer Umbro. These are the home colors, and they are based on the classic Sunderland football club kit design which is inspired by the gift of kits with that appearance to the club from the team South Bank FC during a time in the old days when Sunderland was having financial problems. The away colors for Sunderland football club are all-white shorts and socks and a white shirt with red shoulders. Also, as of the 2007-2008 season, the third kit for Sunderland football club is all blue (with red shoulders), very much in the same style as the original club kit for Sunderland. Many kids who look up to their favorite football players like to wear the same color club kit when they play, as a way to emulate their heroes. Sunderland has done well in recent seasons, with a straight run of seventeen wins in a row from the beginning of 2007 leading to a Championship win, and promotion to the FA Premier League for the 2007-2008 season, making the Sunderland football kit a popular one amongst their fans.


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